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Set of Jumbo Initials

Set of Jumbo Initials

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These jumbo letters make great gifts for any occasion particularly where you may want to preserve some flowers as a keepsake from a wedding in the couples initials connected with an & symbol.

These are all individually designed and crafted in resin making them unique. Occasionally there may be small bubbles, small holes and slight bumps/indents in the resin given that its handmade and actually adds to the charm of the piece. Most letters are freestanding but all can be secured upright. (Letters P and F are top heavy so harder to secure in place so may need to lean on other items or be fixed down). These letters are 15cm high. Widths vary depending on letter. All are 4cm deep. Please indicate which letters are required in the comments. Please feel free to message me to discuss your requirements and design before placing your order if you wish. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Embellishments or personalisation can also be added to the piece e.g confetti, ribbons, charms etc. Also gold, silver or copper leaf can be included. Please leave a note on specific requirements in the comments when ordering.

Order process & timing:
Flowers must be thoroughly dried before placing in the resin otherwise they will spoil. The preserving process is all part of the service we provide. We can also accept flowers that you have dried yourself or source the colour flowers for you. Once an order is received we will send you instructions on how to package and send your flowers to ensure they arrive safely. Once we receive your flowers we will put them to bed to dry which takes a few weeks depending on the flowers. Preserving flowers may result in some minor colour change. This is completely normal. Once dried the design and encapsulation process begins. We will keep you updated throughout the whole process which typically can take between 4 and 10 weeks depending on the size and specifics of the order. If time is critical please email before ordering so we can discuss different options.

Our price includes:
- Preservation service
- Personal design service
- Handmade custom piece
- Free inclusion of gold/silver or copper leaf and any embellishments provided.
- Professionally packaged securely for delivery
- Regular updates on progress from order to dispatch
- Top quality UV resistant resin

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