How soon after my event do I need to send my flowers?

  • We usually advise within 2-3 days, however we can accept flowers in any condition providing they are not mouldy.


Do I have to book in advance to have my flowers preserved?

  • We understand that having flowers preserved is often a last minute decision and we are always happy to help. There can be advantages to booking in advance and usually it is not essential however we are exceptionally busy so we strongly recommend that you do so if you can. We do accept last minute bookings but on a first come first served basis until we run out of capacity. DEPSOT REQUIRED?


My flowers are not in the best condition can you still use them?

  • The results in flower preservation will depend upon the quality of the flowers that we are working with. Our flower preserver will take each flower and access its quality before preserving it. If we think that any of your flowers may compromise the end result of your picture we will let you know when we send our recommendations to you. If necessary and only with your permission we can then source and replace any flowers that will spoil the visual quality of your display. Alternatively you may prefer to choose to scale down and just use the very best of your flowers. 


How do I get my flowers to you for preservation?

  • The best way to get the flowers to us is to hand deliver them to our studio in Hampshire (Always call first to book an appointment to do this). If you live too far away to do this we find that the majority of our clients find that using Royal Mail next day delivery service is the cheapest and most convenient service. 


Do preserved flowers look the same as fresh flowers?

  • When flowers are preserved the moisture is extracted from them, this will mean that the colours and texture will change in a beautiful way. The results will always vary depending upon the variety, pigment and condition of the flowers that we are working with. Some colours and flower types change more than others. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss in more detail how your flowers will look when they are preserved.


How long will the preservation process take?

  • We allow our flowers to dry in silica for a minimum of 4 weeks before creating your keepsake. However during busier periods this can be longer as we don’t take the flowers out of silica until the item(s) are ready to be created.


Can I add non-floral items to resin?

  • Yes. We are frequently asked to add Photographs, jewellery items, Ashes, coins, ribbons and pins into their orders or on their own. We have also been asked to put more unusual items into resin, like dried fruit and bullets. Please contact us to discuss anything that you have in mind and we can advise you whether or not they may be suitable.


How will I know if my flowers will fit in to what I want to order?

  • We do advise what size the items are, but once flowers are received we will advise if there are any limitations on what you have provided against what you have ordered. If you do want to know more please do contact us so that we can advise based on your specific requirements.


How long will my preserved flowers last?

  • They will last forever in resin, however over time they may still change colour as well as the resin, with heat and light elements in their surroundings.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

  • Yes we do sell gift vouchers, which can be purchased directly through the shop. We can either send a physical gift voucher to be given to someone special or we can provide a digital code to be used to redeem against a future order.

What does the price include?

  • Our pricing includes; Preservation service, personal design service, handmade custom piece, professional packaging for delivery, regular updates on orders progress from order to dispatch and Top quality UV resistant resin.